Christmas & End of Year staff parties

Even though September hasn’t come to an end yet, most HR Departments and Event Coordinators all over Malta are starting to make plans for their company’s staff parties usually held in December. They know that a lot of planning has to go into it and there are a million things to get done.

Staff Parties in Malta

Over the years since we started renting, photo booths are becoming more & more popular at these events. We love walking into an office where we were a part of the staff party and see strips pinned to notice boards or in a frame on desk. Its a great way to provide not only great entertainment during the event but also a life long memento between colleagues and friends.

If you are planning your company’s staff party (even if your not you should recommend us to who is! :P) make sure to contact us as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as we can only take a limited amount of bookings on a day.

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