Isle of MTV & MTV Mobile After Party

For the third year in a row we had a photo booth at the Isle of MTV but this time it was for a new client, it was for Durex, one of the largest companies world wide! They were promoting their #someonelikeme campaign and also decided to fully brand the booth and it looked great.

Durex Photo Strip

Being one of Malta’s largest annual events with attendance being over 50,000 it is great exposure for us and as expected the booth had a queue of people waiting for their free photos all night.

Durex Booth Stand

#SomeoneLikeMe photo booth at the #IsleOfMTV festival in Malta

With the great performers and an amazing atmosphere it was a blast being there but once Hardwell wrapped up his set and people started to head home we still had work to do as we had to head to Paceville for an after party for MTV Mobile!

MTV Mobile Logo

It was a long day but well worth it and we love bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. We hope that you got to see us and grab a free photo souvenir!

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